Felix Sandman, Oscar Enestad, Oscar Molander and Omar Rudberg is The Fooo Conspiracy, Sweden’s right now biggest and most beloved pop boyband.

They recently won the Swedish Grammis award ”Innovator of the year” and their fans, so called Foooers, are so dedicated that they’ve also won a ”Fans of the year”-award two years in a row.

The guys finished their summer tour i Stockholm about a month ago. Now there looking forward to take a seat in Metros live streamed webb TV show ”Fråga mig” to ask answer 51 of your questions. And they will only get one chance to skip a question.

– It’s gonna be really fun, a little scary though. But we are looking forward to it, we’re excited.

Are you perhaps a bit nervous, too?

– Yes, of course, the guys say. We have very dedicated and crazy fans so we never know what kind of questions we might get.

Is there a questions that you are particularly worried about, something you don’t feel like answering?

– The thing is that we’re so damn crazy so we don’t really know where to draw the line, thay say, laughing.

Speaking of, are you guys singles?

– We’ll answer that when we are there! We save all our answers till then.

”Fråga mig” is broadcasted on metro.se Wednesday, October 12 at 19 PM. Send in your questions below!