Lördagen den 18 juni intar Jonas Fehr, aka Fehrplay, Dramatenterrassen för att riva av ett melodiskt DJ-set. Den norska artisten har tidigare endast spelat en gång i Stockholm och det var på Eric Prydz avskedsfest i slutet av 2012.

Sedan dess har norrmannen hunnit remixa bland annat Adrian Lux, Deadmau5, Röyksopp och Way Out West-akutella Lemaitre.

Metro Music har fått en pratstund med Fehrplay inför spelningen:

What can the swedish audience expect from your set at Dramatenterrassen?

”They can expect some delicious melodic prog house and techno.”

Tell us about forthcoming releases in 2016.

”The last 6 months I’v been working towards the launch of my own label ‘Mood of Mind’, and I’m really excited to release the first EP very soon. Also have a few releases lined up with Armada, so that will be tight.”

If you had to invite 3 persons, from the music industry, dead or alive, that you really look up to, for a dinner – which persons would you invite then and why?

”Definitely Michael Jackson, cause he’s MJ. And then Jim Morrison because he is a rad dude, and The Doors music is mint. Then perhaps Miles Davis, cause I think his jazzclub stories from the 40’s would be pretty dope”