The men of ”Bearded Villians Sweden” gathered on Saturday at an old castle ruin outside the small Swedish town of Gränna. Their purpose was to take group pictures with the brotherhoods official black and white flag.

Suddenly the police turned up.

– They had received a call from a man who had seen 30 terrorists with an ISIS flag, said John Ekeblad, who is a member of the ”Bearded Villians Sweden”, to Metro.

The brotherhood and the police both thought the misunderstanding was quite amusing. "Bearded Villians" is a brotherhood that started in 2014 and is now worldwide.

– We want to make a difference and work against homophobia, racism and oppression of women, said John Ekeblad.

He agrees that their flag has some similarities with the ISIS flag. But he never thought someone would call the police.

– It was so unreal.