Shawn Mendes, the pop-sensation from Canada, will be the first international guest to visit the Q&A-show “Fråga mig” in the Swedish newspaper Metro. His appearance will be live streaming on Wednesday, but you can already ask your questions here.


This Thursday Shawn Mendes will be playing a sold out show in Stockholm. For the fans who couldn’t get tickets or live abroad Metro now has a surprise, a live Q&A with the pop star on Wednesday.

The 17-year old Canadian made his debut in 2014 with the single “Life of the party”. His debut album “Handwritten” came out in 2015, and for Swedish fans he’s mostly known for the song “Stitches” which has been a frequent played hit on all radio stations in the country.

– All Swedish fans are so respectful, kind and calm. It is amazing to experience, he told the newspaper   Aftonbladet on his first visit to Sweden last year.

Now back for his second visit Mendes will not have a problem finding things to rest his eyes on.

– It is wonderful here, girls are so beautiful, and everyone here looks like models. That’s not me lying, I promise, Shawn said in the same interview.

The young pop star has previously been on tour with Taylor Swift, and has been praised by Justin Bieber. And common to their fans, his is not known to be a quiet crowd. However he has found a way to calm them down.

– I just talk to them. The fans seem to forget that I’m a real person, so when I say “calm down, I’m as real as you are” they normally go quiet, Shawn told the site Digital Spy.

Last week he was touring in England, and in an interview with the radio station Capitol FM he did hint about wanting to appear on TV-shows in the future. He has previously made an appearance on the show “The 100”.

So what questions should not be asked?

During a TV-interview in late 2015 Shawn and Camilla Cabello was pressured into answering questions about them dating. The two who paired up for the song “I know what you did last summer” had different answers and the host kept on pressuring them for an answer. Until it was enough for Shawn and he angrily replied “I don’t care what you think”.

The time for the Q&A is to be confirmed later.

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