The Internet is the perfect arena for gossip. We all do it. Gossip to each other on social networks. But there is still room for traditional gossip media out there. Actually the number of sites reporting dirty little secrets are increasing. The methods they use differ, some are the results of hard manual peeping labour, others just piggy-back on other gossip sites. Here are a few of the more lively ones right now.


What? Traditional gossip content in a digital suit tailor-made for the web. Large pictures and celebrity news from all over the globe.

Why? High quality content selected, edited or created by Yahoo's
editors. Attractive looks and easy to read.

Comment? A great example on how old media can be redesigned to really
work online. OMG stands out among gossip sites.

We smirch

What? A blog-like news page that automatically crawls the web for the latest gossip and dirt. Mixes content from lots of sources.

Why? We Smirch is the perfect trend watcher. The page is a one-stop
shop for anything hot right now online.

Comment? A great place to go if you want to find out what's really buzzing right now at gossip sites all over the Internet.

We heart gossip

What? A community-driven gossip page where each user contributes in
 several ways. Great for that personal touch to the gossip selection.

Why? Through clicking on a heart or a skull next to each news item this site can learn your personal gossip preferences and serve more interesting gossip.

Comment? We Heart Gossip is a great example on how to use the Internets biggest resource to create better content: the users.

Posh 24

What? A traditional gossip magazine in a web suite Posh24 publishes news and gossip about the world's hottest celebrities (with alphabetic celebrity archive).

Why? Great place for rounding up the most "important" celebrity news globally. Posh24 selects juicy stories and pictures continually.

Comment? Posh24 is good place to start when any celebrity scandal is developing. It's also the place to find more images of your favourite hunk.

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