The swedes weren't able to come out on top in the HGC finals against MVP Black. After the game Simon "scHwimpi" Svensson told Metro Esport about the issues that interfered with the preparations for the tournament.


Fnatic is one of the most successful teams in the short but intense history of Heroes of the storm. No one was surprised to see the Swedes in the finals of HGC at Blizzcon. And as expected MVP Black ended up as their rivals for the title.

But the matchup would come to be a too great of a task for Fnatic who ended up as the runner-ups.

After the game Metro Esport met up with a disappointed Simon ”scHwimpi” Svensson.

– If you would have asked me before the tournament I would have been pleased [with the second place], but it’s annoying of course to lose when you are so close to winning, the flexplayer said.

MVP Black is known to have exceptionally good mechanics and for Fnatic to get an advantage it was all about getting a good draft. Something that turned out to be hard because they lacked an element of surprise.

– We have showed them everything when practising already. We have been playing against them a lot hence the drafting is difficult, Simon ”scHwimpi” Svensson said.

Besides that the Swedish star player opens up about some internal issues within the team that haunted them in the preparations for the tournament.

– We were arguing about almost everything and couldn’t leave it behind us. When we finally got past it and started playing as a team again we saw great improvement in our plays. If we would have done that earlier we could have had the chance to win, Svensson told Metro Esport.

– It was tactical things that came up to the surface that got more and more personal. It’s nothing you should have to keep secret, that’s just how it works. And this time it got out of proportions, he said.

The Fnatic player is however convinced that the team will be able shake off both the loss in the grand final and the problems within the team.

– We have gone through hard times together before and we have always been able to come back from it. I have no doubt that we could have done the same this time, he said.

What do you take with you from this tournament?

– 200 000 dollars, that’s about it.

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