Under tisdagskvällen presenterade sig den brittiska sångerskan Sophie Frances Cooke, mer känd under namnet Frances, för den svenska publiken. Inför en miljonpublik framförde hon sin själfulla sång Don´t Worry About Me.

I hemlandet är hon däremot inte en sångerska bland den stora mängden. Tack vare uppmärksammade EPs i bagaget, ett samarbete med Disclosures ena medlem Howard Lawrence och nominerad i kategorin BBC Sound of 2016, har hon lyfts fram som en av landets stora framtidsnamn.

Vi på Metro Music träffade henne personligen under sitt besök i Stockholm under dagen.

Frances, yesterday you performed your song Don´t Worry About Me at Allsång på Skansen.

”Crazy! It was amazing, so cool!

How did you think it went?

”I mean, I think it went okay, but I really loved it. Before the show I was so nervous, but as soon as I got on it was so fun.”

If we start from the beginning and look back a few years – can you recall your earliest music memory?

”As a toddler, like 2 or 3, my mum was playing me like Motown music around the house. She and my dad did that all the time during my childhood.” 

Mainly soul, then?

”A lot of soul, my dad listened to indie bands as well. So a whole mixture of things. It was never silent in our home, always a record playing in the background.”

Did they play any instruments?

”Nope! They are just big music lovers, but they can´t touch a guitar. Have no idea what to do, haha!”

But when did you start playing an instrument?

”My mum took me to music classes when I was really young and I enjoyed it. I just carried on and kept doing it. Then started with violin when I was 8 and piano when I was 10. Did that all through school and started to write my own songs when I got better, and I was always singing of course. I did loads of different music in pre-school: classical, pop, and all that.”

You were later studying at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. How did it feel to go from being an unknown student to release celebrated EPs and become famous in such a short time?

”The transition was weird. I got signed when I was a student and the final year I basically lived in London and doing all the work from there. And once in a while showed up in Liverpool. The last months were crazy – writing my final essays, going on a tour….

The stardom has been fast in the media´s eyes, but quite steady for me. Although, it was different to go to different radio stations in other countries where all the people were so helpful and grateful to meet me. Like why so nice to me? It´s only me, I mean haha. That was so weird and cool at the same time.”

Your two EPs came last your and your debut album is on the way. Could you describe the process of making the album?

”I started to write tons of music shortly after I got signed so a few songs are from the time I went to university. Some were collected for the EPs, but then I had a lot of material to form an album. The recording took a month or so, I guess.”

Was it hard to pick the songs for the album?

”Yeah, really hard. I had hundreds of songs, but then again some songs were so special and I felt proud of. Others were great, but they didn´t fit in the end. It must be a balance and I started to look at other artists and how they put their songs in which order and why.”

How would you describe your upcoming albums in your own words?

”Very soulful, which I didn´t realise until quite recently. It´s very emotional and I also made sure that some songs are uptempo and fun too.”

You will play at Popaganda in Stockholm next Saturday. What can the Swedish audience expect?

”Yeah, I´m so excited! It will be the first time the band will join me for a concert outside the UK. I´ve only been playing alone around Europe, so this is special.The great thing with the band is that they sing and we have the backing vocal so we can play the uptempo songs. And we´ll play some new stuff, of course!”

If you could invite 3 persons, dead or alive, from the music industry over for a fancy dinner. Which persons would you invite and why?

”Prince – Absolute legend. He´s got to be there

Adele – She´s is just incredible.

Ed Sheeran – Simply amazing.

We could just chat about music and they could play me their stuff.”

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