Som en av USAs allra främsta inom den undergroundbaserade ballroom/voguehouse-scenen (mest förknippad med dansen voguing) har artisten MikeQ på senare år blivit en central figur inom den ungdomliga Kikirörelsen. I New York har rörelsen influerats av alltifrån dans och mode, men framförallt blivit förknippad för sitt ställningstagande inom HBTQ-frågor.Vi på Metro Music har från en pratstund med MikeQ inför sitt kommande Sverigebesök, som innehåller enskilda spelningar och en viss filmpremiär.

Qween Beat is a label and collective comprised of numerous DJs, dancers and artists – well-known in the Kiki scene. Only a few days ago a compilation named Qweendom with various artists was released on your label. Tell us more about this album and the music?

”Well we are well known in the KIKI scene as well as Main Scene. Our compilation ”Qweendom” is our first release since QB started in 2005. Qweendom is the first release from a predominantly ballroom label which is important in that fact itself. It’s our introduction to the music we will putting out to the masses in and out the ballroom cultures as well as the clubs and is the forward thinking idea of what’s to come.”

In the role as a founder of Qween Beat – what kind of challenges have occured over the years?”My main challenges have been to have a group now of 19 members just all perfectly get along. Like we are all friends /family but sometimes almost like a sibling rivalry things get a bit crazy but that’s nothing huge. My biggest challenge I would say is to just stay on top of everything. Making sure I do what I need to, to push the label and it’s members to do and be better as well as juggle my own career as MikeQ and not loose track of that.”

A documentary named KIKI will premiere in Sweden tomorrow. It´s a story around a few Young LGBTQ-persons and the Kiki scene in New York. Movie critics have been praising it and you were also on board by contributing to the Music. How did you get in Contact with the Swedish director (Sara Jordenö) in the first Place?

”I got in contact with Sara I think just before or just as filming started via Twiggy, Sara had asked me to DJ the ball she was having at Rockland Palace and I believe this is also where we met. From there is see her at all the KIKI balls and eventually would be asked to compose this amazing project.”

How did the process of writing music for KIKI look like?

”Nothing too crazy, just had to sit down and actually watch the film and get a sense of it, it was my first time doing anything like this so I’m just going off how other movies could possibly be scored, certain parts need Croatian music to bring out an emotion in the scene and I think it all came together well with the help of Sara and Qween Beat.”

In your own words, how would you describe the development  from the beginning with the Ballroom scene and now, almost 25 years later, to the Kiki scene?

”Rapid, especially as of now wit the culture getting so much attention it’s also growing. When the Kiki scene started and I think I DJ’d my first Kiki ball in 2007, it was already something that was going to be something more. It was great to see that a ”daughter of ballroom” could actually be made off just a Kiki and be what it is today with a Movie. Great Progression.”

You will be playing two sets in Stockholm (Röda Rummet at Trädgården) and Gothenburg (Yaki-Da) this weekend. What can the Swedish party people expect?

”Me! I could leave it there… LOL. But to further your going to hear our cultures music, your going to want to dance whether you can vogue or not. My sets I call random because I never know exactly what I’m going got play until I’m in the booth playing it. Every venue and the people that come are different so I just ride off the crowd vibes and build from there.

If you could invite 3 persons, dead or alive, from the music industry that you really look up to for a nice dinner – which persons would you invite then and why?

”Aaliyah because. I just love her. Just love.

Missy Elliott because she’s always just been dope and inspiring and yeah love her to.

And lastly I can prob say Erykah Badu, I don’t know any other artist I listen to like I do that lady and I honk of those 3 dinner (that I cooked) would be awesome.

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