Forget smooth, round Swedish meatballs. In an effort to stave wrist injuries and save time, a Swedish high school is now serving square meatballs to the students.

Swedish meatballs – a delicacy for many but in Sweden just an everyday meal. So much so that a high school in Trelleborg in southern Sweden is rationalising and now serving square meatballs instead of round ones, reports the local newspaper Trelleborgs Allehanda.

In a news clip the kitchen staff demonstrate the new modus operandi. Instead of rolling thousands of meatballs – not only a time-consuming task for the kitchen personnel, but also one that causes wrist injuries – they just spread the mince flat and cut out squares.

– A student said that they were the ugliest meatballs she’d seen, but also the most delicious, says Anna Malmberg, chief of kitchen staff at the school, to Trelleborgs Allehanda.

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