"We are one". That is the slogan of this year's Eurovision Song Contest. Several organisations dispute this and are planning protest actions during the ESC week.

Emma Lundberg.

IN ENGLISH: Organisations rage against Eurovision slogan

Eight organisations, critical of how Malmö and Sweden are being portrayed to the rest of Europe, have formed the network "We are not one" – as opposed to the official slogan of the Eurovision Song Contest, "We are one". 

– Eurovision is trying to portray Malmö as both gender and class equal, and Sweden as a country that has been peaceful for the last 200 years. But unregistered immigrants are being hunted and spied upon, and there are violent deportations every day, says Emma Lundberg from Malmö's feminist network.

– They could have told us all the good things about Malmö – but without lying. 

"We are not one" criticize the Eurovision Song Contest for not showing what they feel is the real picture of Malmö and Sweden. On their website the network mention the border police's hunt for unregistered immigrants, recent cutbacks in healthcare and the steep rises in pay for major CE:s, to show that the picture the ESC is painting doesn't quite fit the frame. 

– There are also serious problems with hate crimes aimed at LGBT-people and women being murdered by their partners, adds Emma Lundberg. 

This entire week activists from the eight organisations in the network will be posing as tourist guides in Malmö, handing out their own folder. On Saturday they will be outside the official arena in Hyllie.

– I wish they had chosen another slogan. I and many others with me view it as a mockery against all forms of activism that wish to thwart oppression, she says.

The Swedish state-owned television corporation, SVT, that organises the Eurovision Song Contest, states that the network and ESC are on complete different levels. 

– We do not claim to describe Malmö or Sweden. Our slogan is about the tv-show Eurovision Song Contest and the opportunity that music has to unite people over borders, says Helga Baagøe, Director of Communications at SVT. 

– In my opinion they are not mainly critical of our slogan, but critical of Swedish society, and eager to start a discussion about it. 

IN ENGLISH: Organisations rage against Eurovision slogan

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