This is how images could be improved with the new program. 
This is how images could be improved with the new program. 

Camera operators with shaky hands can breathe a sigh of relief – Uppsala-based company Imint is developing a program to automatically correct shakiness and blur. The program will also be able to produce images of a higher definition than that advertised by the maker.

While the technology is still in the research phase, the company has already raised three million kronor to apply the program to existing products.

In the early stages, the program will only be available for use on pilotless planes and helicopters. But the company hopes to soon be able to integrate the technology with consumer video cameras.
“It’s not certain however that we’ll be the ones to do it. This is something we could license to video camera producers,” said managing director Harald Klomp.

The technology used to increase a camera’s image definition involves combining several images to form a more complete whole.

If for example, a user wants to get the registration number of a car, by simply switching to this function it will be possible to achieve the desired results without needing to move closer to the vehicle, said Klomp.   

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