Some memories will last forever. Team Liquids run at The International 2017 is of just that kind.

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At The International 2017 Team Liquid managed to do what everybody thought was impossible and they became a part of Dota 2 history because of it. After a heavy loss against Invictus in their first game of the main event they battled it out in the lower bracket. Every game was do or die but Liquid kept going until they were crowned the winners of TI.

A historical performance and an epic achievement that earns them the win in the catagory Moment Of The Year.

The jurys motivation: ”At Dota2’s biggest ever tournament, the romance of Team Liquid’s lower bracket run to the championship was as epic as it was timely. A mixture of decorated veterans and talented youngsters, KuroKy’s men completed the run of a life-time to be crowned champions of the big one at last.”

The nominees for Moment Of The Year

Team Liquid’s TI 2017 LB run & win of the tournament – WINNER!
Cloud 9 winning the CS:GO major
Scarlett wins Intel Extreme Masters PyeongChang
$100,000,000 Fortnite Esports Tournament Prize Pool Announcement
CSPPA formed – Counter Strike Professional Players Association

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