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Nanok Bie · 10 Jun 2009
Uppdaterad 14 Feb 2011


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There are more video sites online than anyone would care to remember, and finding that specific video can be pretty messy if you've never tried a dedicated video search site. This niche has become pretty crowded the last few years with many start-ups searching and displaying videos from all over the web. Here are a few of the better video search engines right now, all with their own little specialty.


What? A very competent search engine for video indexing large parts of the video web world, managing also to present the results in smart ways.Why? Truveo is kind of a standard withing video search already, and it's engine powers many other search sites (like Blinkx do also). Fast and simple.Comment? Choose "safe surf" mode to avoid porn among your search results. Also, check out the most twittered videos right now.


What? This is a search engine with some unusual powers. Blinkx have translated all speech to searchable text in it's repository of 35 million hours of video.Why? Blinkx manages to find video content others can't (thanx to it's speech-translation) and also present results in an effective manner.Comment? The associative video wall at Blinkx is rewarding whether you're looking for current events or a more specific subject. Just "wall it".


What? A search engine for the biggest online video sites. Works without hassle, fast and simple and returns the results you're looking for.Why? Fooooo say they've indexed more than 220 million videos and it's hard to appoint a winner in that area, but Fooooo will take you a long way.Comment? It's easy to decide which sites to search on, and you can also sort videos within categories. There's also a "SafeMode" to avoid porn.


What? A newer search engine still in beta phase manages to add a few unusual but useful functions.Why? Search by "character" like "comedians", "athletes" or "musicians" – and get your results with a simple timeline so it's easy to jump to the right spot in the video.Comment? It's also possible to have the search engine only display faces in the video timeline, making it even easier to scan fast to the right point in the video.


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Nanok Bie
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