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Nanok Bie · 16 Jan 2009
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The subject of animals is surprisingly popular online.The Internet is being refueled by countless new images and videos daily. This makes it easy for bloggers to ”collect” images in specific categories. The subject of animals is surprisingly popular online. People enjoy publishing lists about beautiful, rare or strange animals. Others use animals as characters in cartoons. And some let surfers add captions to images. A few are more serious and publish close-up portraits of animals. Here are a few of the better animal pages.

Real life sea monsters

A list of images and descriptions of a number of actually shockingly strange fishes seen or captured by man. 

We are fascinated by the thought of encountering aliens. But we need not look further than a few meters below sea level. Here many look exactly like aliens (would?).

One-tonne bonefish. Oarfish (like a pillar). Megamouthshark. These are just a few examples of how genetic mutations do create monsters.

Strangest ...

Here’s a great collection of some of the strangest animals ever seen. There are examples here from the oceans, but most of them creep among us on land.

Yes, it’s wrong to laugh at others, but some of these animals are just too funny. Deadsculldog! Donkeyrabbit!

It’s strange, we live most of our life on land but never rest our eyes on most of these animals. Where do they all come from? Come on, a flat turtle? What’s next?

Painting elephant

An inspiring clip of a big elephant painting it’s own portrait in oil on canvas.

Everybody should check this clip out. How can we dismiss and bully animals who are delicate and intelligent enough to paint a beautiful portrait? 

At first it looks like a hoax, but the long clip zooms out and you can clearly see the elephant is painting by itself.


Lolcats is one of Internet’s successes with funny captions on images of cats. This is the newer dog version, but there are many other types of content with captions here.

It’s always funny when animals look human. This is easily achieved with captions. Or using celebs who look like a specific animal, next to the animal itself.

Why not try switching the bed time story from the usual and translate a few captions for your child­ren’s bed time. It will be a happy evening.

‘We still laugh out loud’

Ben Huh, Co-founder and CEO of Loldogs, Lolcats etcetera.

Did you think these captions would ever grow so big?– We never expected it to be this big — or become a social phenomenon. We see our role as providing tools and a place to be creative. So we’ll continue to build out our site and tools to allow users to do that.

Do you ever just get tired of looking at Lolcats?- I thought we’d get tired of it after just a few weeks, but the genre continues to evolve. We still laugh out loud every day. At the core of this, it’s not about Lolcats. It’s actually about giving users the power to be creative.


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Nanok Bie
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