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Nanok Bie · 10 Jun 2009
Uppdaterad 14 Feb 2011


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Today we have the perfect tip for you to avoid all the swearing when your computer crashes.There’s a rumour circulating online that Google is about to unveil a new free backup service, so that anybody can store all their data up in the cloud. But until then there are several great backup alternatives out there, some of them with free options. These can all do it automatically. Just set it and forget it. That’s good because backing up is boring, but it’s even more boring to loose all data when the computer fails (it will, it’s just a matter of time).


What? Carbonite is reliable and stable, and that’s just what you’re looking for when choosing a backup service online.Why? This little application behaves just like promised; it copies everything on your hard drive and saves it online automatically.Comment? Available for PC and Mac (although the mac version didn’t work when Metro tested it, but many others have had no problems with it). Easy to use.


What? Functions both as a backup service and as a file server online (so you can easily save files online and then access them from any computer).Why? Mozy is simple and advanced at the same time – choose to let the service backup everything or choose what files and folders Mozy should keep track of.Comment? Maybe the most priceworthy backup service online. Uses 128-bit encryption based on the password you choose.


What? iDrive is more of a swiss knife than many other options out there. Here you’ll find most features imaginable.Why? Free up to 2GB. Very easy to save a file to your online are with ”drag-and-drop”-functionality.Comment? iDrive might not be as easy to use as some other online backup services, but offers great flexibility.

SOS Online Backup

What? This is the backup service for nerds, geeks and programmers who want even more configuration options than other online backup services.Why? Here you can create a local back up, or mail you hard drive to the company for a quick manual backup of all of its contents. You can backup several computers at once.Comment? With the ”intelligent filter” tool it’s easy to set what types of files should be automatically backed up from the computer.


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Nanok Bie
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