HeatoN: "No one wants to touch the star with a ten-foot pole"

HeatoN · 28 Sep 2017
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"To be clear: if it were my team, they would've gotten their walking papers."

"To be clear: if it were my team, they would've gotten their walking papers." Foto: Pierre Yves Laroche/Dreamhack/Metro

"The Immortal player's conduct has not only been unprofessional, but their handling of this mess makes me outraged", writes Emil "HeatoN" Christensen.


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It’s been this month’s talk of the town in the esport scene.

The Brasilian star team Immortals arrived late to the Dreamhack final in Montreal, was forced to a downright walk over on the first map only to be utterly defeated on the second.

It turned into a full-blown scandal when word got out that three of the players had been out partying the night before. As if that wasn’t enough, the team’s star, Giuseppe ”kNg” Vito, sent a death threat to a colleague after he suggested that they’d been out partying.

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It is exactly as sick as it sounds.

I’ve never heard anything like it during my twenty years in the Counter strike-scene. The Immortal player’s conduct has not only been unprofessional, but their handling of this mess makes me outraged.

Thousands of fans who traveled to Montreal, paid for expensive tickets and psyched up in PlaceBonaventure to cheer for their teams, got duped in the finals.

Their danish opponents, talented North, had just celebrated their biggest win yet. But their star player, Kristian ”konfig” Wienecke, wasn’t wearing a beaming smile when he entered the studio after the win. The three Immortal players, Henrique ”HEN1” Teles, Lucas ”LUCAS1” Teles och Giuseppe ”kNg” Vito, didn’t just threw away their chance to a big title – they pissed on their opponents who never got a chance to win honestly.

I don’t care for their excuses as I, through my connections, know that they were out partying.

To be clear: if it were my team, they would’ve gotten their walking papers.

Luckily, this seems to be the case.

”kNG” has been kicked out of the team and the Teles twins are benched until someone buys them out. From that perspective, the situation was handled well. The teams CEO, Noah Whinston, apologized to the fans and made it clear that Dreamhack did the right thing punishing the team in the finals.

In a previous column, I asked for more personalities and emotions within the competitive gaming scene, but that is not to be confused with the Immortal player’s conduct.

Displaying personality, being cocky and spicing up the games is one thing. Hurting the competitive gaming scene by acting like a child, not respecting fans, opponents or the organizer is another.

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