Intervju med Keep Shelly In Athens om framtiden och hemlandet Grekland

metro · 27 Jul 2016
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Drömpop-duon Keep Shelly In Athens består av medlemmarna Myrtha och RΠЯ. År 2010 bildades gruppen i, föga förvånande, hemstaden Aten. Genom åren har duon skapat sig ett namn och turnerat världen runt och bl.a. spelat på Coachella. Under våren utkom en nyutgåva på deras första EP In Love With Dusk och nyligen släpptes två färska spår som ger en hint om kommande musik.

Vi på Metro Music har fått en pratstund med Keep Shelly In Athens.

You released two songs, Bright Morning and Blue Rooms, recently and like your previous work the sound is dreamy and shimmery, but yet melancholic. The Guardian phrased your music in terms of ”They will make you happy to feel sad” – do you agree with this description?

”I have no objection to these descriptions. Besides, melancholy is what inspires me, so I think that is reflected in my work.” A photo with the #greatthingsarecoming was posted on your Instagram a few days ago. Can we expect more music in the near future through a form of an EP or album?

”You are very observant, I must say! Indeed, we are currently working on a new release which, I dare say, is our favourite one so far!”

Your last stay in Sweden was back in 2012. Are you planning to revisit Sweden soon?

”Yes indeed, in 2012 we performed in three Swedish towns (Stockholm, Malmö, Göteborg) and we had a great time!

It goes without saying that we would like to visit your country again as soon as possible!”

Two albums and several EPs have been released over the years and the current singer Myrtha replaced the previous one, Sarah P, less than two years ago. Would you say that you sound has changed since the beginning?

”Our sound has been evolving over the years, as we are also evolving as individuals. In our new release the voice of the band will be the best we´ve ever had! And this is a promise.”

How would you describe the current state of the indie scene in Greece these days? Could you recommend our readers some personal favourites?

”Things in Greece have been generally difficult in the last few years. This is also reflected in our music scene more particularly. Nevertheless, there are some great bands currently in our country that are worth checking out, for example:”

Ocean Hope

Agnus Dei



If you had to invite 3 persons, dead or alive, from the music industry that you really look up to for a classy dinner – which persons would you invite then and why?

”I would very much like to invite the following, because I admire them both as artists and as personalities:”


Kate Bush

Noel Gallagher

Lyssna på Keep Shelly In Athens senaste låtar nedan!


Artikellänk är kopierad

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