Natural fibres to oust plastic

Metro Teknik · 11 Mar 2008
Uppdaterad 15 Feb 2011


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MATERIAL. Researchers from Chalmers University of Technology have develop­ed a barrier material for packaging reckoned to be as effective as plastic.

The company Xylophane AB is now set to market the product, which is made from crop waste and creates an effective barrier against oxygen, grease and aromas.

”Heavy aluminium foil provides the best barrier, but it is expensive, ­diffi­cult to separate when recycling and has a negative environmental effect. We want to replace plastic and aluminium barriers such as those currently used by Tetra Pak,” said CEO Håkan Grubb.

The material has already undergone testing and the company is now seeking tens of millions of kronor to build its own facility in the Gothenburg area.

”We want to see that we have a process that is cost effective on a large scale,” said Grubbe.


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