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Metro Teknik · 12 Dec 2007
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PRICES. Waiting until the post-Christmas sales to snap up a bargain could be pointless, according to a Swedish price comparison site. Average prices for technological gadgets during the period 1st December–January 31st are not significantly different to any other two-month period, according to figures from Prisjakt.

Franz Hänel, development manager of Prisjakt, advised shoppers not to wait until December 1st to hit the shopping malls.

”The chances of buying something cheap are no greater then than at any other point in the year” he said.

Shoppers looking for a real bargain should aim to buy products about to be succeeded by a newer model.

”If there is a generation shift happening and the old model is good enough for you, there are opportunities to find good deals. Shops want to offload their stocks,” Hänel said.


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