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Metro Teknik · 22 Jan 2008
Uppdaterad 15 Feb 2011
Simon Viklund is creating an updated version of the 1987 game Bionic Commando. 

Simon Viklund is creating an updated version of the 1987 game Bionic Commando.  Foto: Theresia Bråkehielm


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Swedish games developer GRIN has been assigned the task of bringing a classic Nintendo video game into the 21st century.Japanese giant Capcom has charged GRIN with creating an updated version of its 1987 game Bionic Commando for modern gameplay on the PC, Xnox Live and Playstation Network.“I almost fell off my chair when I hear that Capcom was looking at our studio for a major remake of Bionic Commando,” said games developer Simon Viklund.

Despite the technological advances of recent years, he is determined to stay true to the 2D original, not least because the medium demands a scaled down game.“A game on the Xbox Live can”t be bigger than 150MB,” he says.

Money is another factor driving the move towards innovative solutions. Viklund points to similarities between Hollywood and the video games industry, with both sectors seeking to avoid the spiralling costs of massive productions.“In Hollywood, directors are looking at mini-series and in the games industry people are trying out their ‘stranger’ ideas, which involve handheld consoles or, for example, Xbox Live,” he said.


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