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Nanok Bie · 10 Jun 2009
Uppdaterad 14 Feb 2011


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A few years ago it was still expensive to create and broadcast a ”tv show”. Now a laptop, or even a mobile phone with a video camera is sufficient. There are numerous online services specializing in taking care of real-time video streamed from a computer or a mobile phone. Here are a few of the better sites that can handle almost anything when it comes to creating video for the web.


What? This web service can receive video ”live” from your mobile phone and stream it to the Internet simultaneously.Why? It’s becoming common to start your mobile video camera at conferences, demonstrations, rallies and big events – to share events and experiences in real time.Comment? This is a very practical way to produce video for the net. You just record and your done. No editing or publishing. Harder dramaturgically, though.


What? Another web service that can receive video ”live” from your mobile phone and stream it to the Internet simultaneously.Why? A fast service that is simple to use, and it’s really a no-brainer to start your own tv channel just through embedding the video on your blog or home page.Comment? Here you’ll find some extra features like the possibility to ”geotag” your video via your mobile’s GPS (your viewers can see where you are on a Google map).


What? Web service built around delivering longer live sessions from ”real” video cameras or laptops with built-in video cameras.Why? There are many pages out there offering similar services (,, and more) but Ustream is easy and fast to learn and use.Comment? A lot of radio stations have found Ustream and they use it to find new listenters/viewers just by adding a web cam to the studio.


What? Ambitious web service where you’re not only able to broadcast live, but also mix in video files or use correspondents transmitting live from anywhere in the world.Why? With Mogulus you feel like a real tv producer in the control room. It’s also easy to start your own channel with the tools Mogulus offers.Comment? You’ll also find interesting broadcasts you won’t find anywhere else, like the one from the international space station.


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Nanok Bie
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