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Nanok Bie · 10 Jun 2009
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About ten years ago a chat service called ICQ was all the rage online. Since then we’ve seen MSN’s, AOL’s and Gmail’s chat as well as iChat, MySpace’s and Facebook’s chat among others. But today Twitter is the hottest chat service without a doubt. At the core this service is very simple and if you use to connect your options are limited. To really understand and enjoy Twitter you need a specialised Twitter tool. Here are a few of the more popular right now to choose from. For free of course.


What? A tiny application you install on your computer that shows your chat communication in a condensed window. Place it wherever you like.Why? Twhirl is pretty and simple and has the essential functions. Post pictures automatically in your Twitter-stream (using Twitpic, built-in to Twhirl).Comment? Good enough for most uses. Easy to understand and quick to learn. You need to download Adobe Air first, though.


What? A more advanced Twitter-tool that’s still easy to use. Thanks to larger screen estate and several columns it’s easy to oversee choosen communication.Why? TweetDeck is something of the Rolls-Royce of Twitter tools so far and is a joy to use. Loads of extra functions, from direct web cam video posting to stock twits.Comment? Great tool if you want expand on the information you’re keeping track on from the Twitter network. You need to download Adobe Air first, though.


What? DestroyTwitter is a neat but still advanced tool with lots of extra functions like Twitter-wide search, quick image posting and url shortener.Why? If you think ”big” TweetDeck takes to much screen estate then DestroyTwitter is a similar tool with a smaller footprint. Also easy to personalise and configure.Comment? Just like many other Twitter tools you need to download Adobe Air first, but that’s simple and the application updates itself.


What? A small add-on to the web browser Firefox offers quick access to the mos tused Twitter functions. Twitterfox places itself in Firefox’s right corner, always accessible.Why? TwitterFox is easy to learn and use, but is not as advanced as other Twitter tools including those mentioned here.Comment? TwitterFox requires your browser to stay open to use it’s features. If you want to twit while not browsing choose another tool.


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Nanok Bie
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