Video revealing secrets of food marketing is online success

Tomas Lundin · 6 Jun 2014
Uppdaterad 6 Jun 2014

Visitors had been invited to a series of talks in an auditorium in Hackney, east London. What they didn't know was that it all was just a set up for the final show of the day. Posing as a marketer for the meat industry actor Kate Miles takes to the stage talking about how industrial farming can be marketed to consumers.


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As the seven minute lecture goes on the audience is getting more and more uncomfortable. Kate talks about animals consuming half of the worlds antidepressants and how to market concrete flooring for pigs: ”producers keep all of their barns clean so the pigs stay healthy and happy.

”No one knew it was set up, not even friends and family in the audience” Lauren Allen, production assistant for Catsnake, the company behind the video tells Metro. 

The purpose is to promote awareness for conditions for animals in industrial farms and to help consumers see through marketing slogans like ”Butcher's choice” and ”Farm fresh”. 

The company had not anticipated the success of the video, which as of now have been viewed over 700 000 times on Youtube. 

”One of the biggest moments was when Aaron Paul tweeted the video”, Lauren Allen says.

One of the most important purposes of the video is to reveal food marketings secret weapons. In spite of celebrities like Jamie Oliver crusading for awareness, U.K consumers are often unaware or deliberately ignorant to conditions for farm animals, according to Allen.


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Tomas Lundin
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