Woman pulls knife over choice of music

Metro · 7 Nov 2013
Uppdaterad 8 Nov 2013
Tyckte klubben spelade för lite synt – drog kniv

Tyckte klubben spelade för lite synt – drog kniv Foto: TT Bild


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Ever been so cheezed off with the music at your local club that you literally wanted to copy The Smiths and ” Hang the dj ” ? One Swedish woman didn’t attack the dj when the club didn’t play her favourite tunes – but she did draw a knife on her fellow guests.

We’ve all been there. All dressed up and raring for a great night out on the town, and it turns out to be a total let-down. But the 40-something woman from Stockholm might have taken her disappointment a bit too far. 

Disappointed with the drinks and the entertainment at a bar in the Södermalm district of Stockholm – she wanted to hear more electronic music – she became rowdy. When the bar’s personnel denied her more alcohol and asked her to leave she lost it completely.

The woman stole a table knife from the club and threatened guests who were standing outside smoking, with it.

– Something happened out there that made the woman threaten those standing there. At that point the people working at the club notified the police, says Inspector Jan-Olov Lundgren, of the Södermalm police.

The woman, a repeat offender, was arrested and spent the night in custody.


Artikellänk är kopierad

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