No, Sweden is not "officially moving to a 6-hour working day"

Åsa Larsson · 11 Sep 2016
Uppdaterad 11 Sep 2016

Sweden is officially moving to 6-hour work days, according to a video with over 34 million views on Facebook. However appealing this may seem, it is incorrect.


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– The information in the clip from Bright Side is wrong, something Swedes know about. We're not introducing a 6 hour workday, says Natalie Sial, press secretary for Ylva Johansson, the Swedish minister for employment and integration.

Sweden has for some time had 6-hour work days at a couple of companies and workplaces, but is nowhere near any kind of transition or official change.

The notion got a lot of attention last year when several international news outlets did stories about it. The Swedish-English newspaper The Local addressed the misconceptions in the article "Why Sweden is a long way from six-hour days" and Vice, among others, corrected themselves.

Missvisande nyhet om Sverige sprids över världen

Viralgranskaren has been in contact with, the web page behind the popular video, but we haven't gotten any answers regarding the video so far. is registered to a man in Tatarstan in Russia.


Artikellänk är kopierad

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